What to Consider when looking for a Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

Although the primary focus of any wedding usually falls on the bride herself, that doesn’t mean that other aspects of the wedding will be overlooked. There are so many different moving parts to any wedding, and there’s a sense of coordinated styles and themes to adhere to, especially with the bridal party. One of those components is the mother-of-the-bride dress and how to pick the best one. 

Speak with the bride

After all, this is her day, and it’s important to understand early on what the overall theme and color scheme is going to be. A mother-of-the-bride dress can make the mother look fabulous, and it’s a way to show respect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the dress needs to be matronly. 

Once the theme is understood, then it’s all about the color. Any color is acceptable, but always check again with the bride for that final decision, so it doesn’t end up clashing with the overall wedding party. 

Wear something functional

The wedding day is very busy for the bride’s mother, which means the dress itself needs to be designed ready for a lot of movement. It needs to be a dress that is not overly complicated and very comfortable, especially with all the additional activity. On top of that, the mother-of-the-bride dress should not get messy or wrinkly because of the constant movement. 

Make sure to find the right color tones

The dress should work with the common colors and be a cut that you’re used to wearing. While function is critical, it’s also important to dress to impress, and that means you’ll want to consider colors and hues that work best with your hair color and overall complexion. You want to also have the dress reflect who you are and have the mother-of-the-bride dress be something you would wear normally. 

You’ll want to take note of the time of the wedding. A daytime outdoor wedding will usually have a much less formal option that’s more related to print or floral dresses that are meant to be thinner and shorter. If it’s at nighttime, then you’re looking for bolder solid colors with a much more formal look and feel.  

Always work with an Award-winning Bridal Boutique

Don’t just shop for the dress anywhere, but specifically buy the dress at a bridal store or bridal boutique. In fact, it’s even a better idea to try to buy the mother-of-the-bride dress at the same location as the wedding dress as there’s a good chance there are many choices that will work well together. 

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