Choosing the best wedding gown for you

Looking for some tips and tricks for the big day?

A wedding is the most essential day in a girl’s life. Preparations begin from the year a girl enters adult age.  All the dreams of your wedding, choosing the best bridal gown in the Boston area, and having a glamorous wedding are common things little girls dream of.  As the princess of your parents and the queen of your spouse, you get special attention. You’re supposed to look exquisite on your memorable day. So, pick the dress that best compliments your body. What do you need to know first?

It is the shape of the body you have. Body shape matters a lot when you are the center of attention at your wedding and multiple cameras are shooting you. It also helps to pick the best-suited designer. Start by browsing through our new gown shapes and styles here.

What body shape do you have?

If you have a pear-shaped body:

  • Hide your hips to flaunt your neckline
  • Choose strapless tops or deep necklines.
  • Go for a dress style with a cinched waist or that diagonally drapes your body.
  • Find an A-line skirt that helps to decrease your hip size.

Or, do you have an apple-shaped body:

  • go for a deep V neckline–it will help distract from the wider part of the waist.
  • pick a high waistline–you can get an elongated figure wearing a bridal dress with high waistlines flowing into your skirt.
  • choose a bridal gown with a flared skirt–use this to make your waist appear smaller.

Maybe you fit into hourglass body shape?

If so, here are some considerations:

  • choose a bridal dress with a low-cut neckline
  • the ruche bodice will help show your figure
  • choose a trumpet skirt

Why choose Jacqueline’s Bridal Shop?

You may not know what your shape or style is until you come to visit us.  But after checking out our wide selection of styles and silhouettes.  We always make it our mission to find that right and perfect fit every time. It’s not a rushed process, and we go through many samples.  Whether you find a mermaid style or something a bit more risque, or you fancy more of a regal look or elegant, we have all of these options and many more with the right eyes matching them up for you. 

When you work with us at Jacqueline’s Bridal, patience, and perseverance are our weapons during this process.  So don’t wait around any longer, let us sort out this often time-consuming challenge of finding you the perfect wedding dress today!

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