Interview with the owner Jacqueline Hormann:

What does it mean for us to sell bridal fashion?
Wedding dresses are not only dresses. A wedding dress is the dress that remembers you your whole life, the dress in which you marry the love of your life and thus it is the “most important” outfit that women can wear. To accompany the bride at this moment is very exciting. That’s why I decided to see it as my job to help the brides and start with Jacqueline’s Bridal in Wellesley, a Bridal store in Massachusetts.

Which moments give us happiness?
When the bride happily leaves our bridal store, this is the moment that gives us much pleasure. Or actually, much earlier: When the bride is in front of the mirror in our bridal store and presents us this indescribable, happy smile. The expression that tells us, that we did everything right and the bride found her perfect wedding dress. We know that we have made this bride happy and this is absolutely invaluable to us.

Have the customers and the industry changed in recent years?
Definitely! The bridal industry has changed dramatically in recent years – in a positive sense! The choice of bridal dresses of earlier years and today is not comparable. There is much more choice, much more designers, much more materials that are used and the subject of the bridal gown is becoming increasingly important in our society in general!

Are the customer requests different today?
The wishes are completely different. There are brides who are looking for very simple wedding dresses, but also brides, who cannot be glamorous enough. Every woman has her own style, her own ideas and that’s a good thing. Otherwise, all the brides would look identical. In itself, it is of course very important that you remain true to yourself on your big day. Your wedding dress must reflect your personality! The desire, or the goal which all brides have in common, is of course that we find the dream wedding dress together. The search does not have to go on forever, because at some point every bride loses the fun! Due to the large selection in our bridal store, it is absolutely not recommended to try on too many wedding dresses, because at some point the bride does not know what she wants anymore.

The advice is, despite more choice highly individual.
It is very important to us that our brides always say honestly what they think and feel. Every female body is different. Especially with bridal dresses, you can see that enormously. If two women are standing next to each other, both with the identical clothing size and both wear the same bridal gown, you can see immediately how different the dress affects both. Often it depends on hair color, skin tone, eyes or even the posture that affect this. For this reason, our motto is “Tell us your wish and we will try to fulfill it”, because, with a few simple steps, our seamstress create a new dress, YOUR WEDDING-DRESS!

Is there a trend?
Yes, currently light, falling vintage dresses are very popular! Deep back cuts are also in fashion more and more. But the classic princess dress or ball gown dress cannot top anything and nobody so fast!